[GtkGLExt] GtkDrawingArea emitting expose-event in an inconsistent manner


I'm trying to set up a GtkDrawingArea with GtkGLExt so
that it'll render only when it emits an expose-event
signal. The problem is that the signal doesn't get
emitted when the widget is unobscured by another
GdkDrawable. So when a tooltip disappears or a window
is dragged in and out the widget is left "tainted".
This behavior seems to be inconsistent with that of a
normal GtkDrawingArea which correctly emits the
expose-event signal when it is unobscured. I've
attached a source for my test program. Here is my
system's configuration:
Debian unstable
gcc 4.0.3
Gtk+ 2.8.17
GtkGLExt 1.0.6

Thanks in advance and someone please help me out.

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Attachment: TestExposeEventWithGtkGL.c.gz
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