[GtkGLExt] Trouble building HEAD of GtkGLExt CVS module


I am tracking down a problem that I encountered in a program called GtkRadiant, which uses GtkGLExt. The problem is that my cursor disappears when a window is redrawn. Then, when I move my mouse, the cursor comes back, but the small box around the cursor is refreshed with a stale image. I have reproduced this problem using the "gears.c" sample on your project's homepage.

I am currently using the 1.0.6 and I wanted to try upgrading to a later release to see if you have fixed the problem. However, I am unable to compile either the "gtkglext-1-0" revision or the "HEAD". Both builds break on gdk/x11/gdkglquery-x11.c. On "gtkglext-1-0" it looks like some lines got doubled. On "HEAD" there are garbage characters in the file.

For reference, open http://cvs.sourceforge.net/viewcvs.py/gtkglext/gtkglext/gdk/x11/gdkglquery-x11.c?rev=1.37&view=markup and search for "g_module_close". You'll see that the parameter contains garbage data.

Is this module still active? Have you ever heard of the bug that I described? Do you have a bug database that I can report it in?

Best Regards,

David Costanzo

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