Re: glib compile bug?

> <snip>
> Hrm.. g_value_take_string is indeed in the 2.2.3 source wtf?
> [root localhost gtk]# cat glib-2.2.3/gobject/gmarshal.c  | grep
> g_value_take_string
>   g_value_take_string (return_value, v_return);

scratch that...something else is creating that 
file.   What is going on with my glib compile?  Is it
writing gmarshal.c on the fly?

[root localhost gtk]# dir glib-2.2.3/gobject/gmarshal.c
-rw-rw-r--  1 2181 2181 27633 Mar 26 10:48 glib-2.2.3/gobject/gmarshal.c
[root localhost gtk]# date
Sun Mar 26 10:50:24 CST 2006

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