Geode GX/SC120x framebuffer support on a 2.6 kernel

Hi, sorry if I'm bothering you...

I'm working to upgrade the kernel of a Set Top Box to the latest 2.6.14 from a 2.4.12;
The processor is a Geode(TM) Integrated Processor by National Semi with ~267 cpu MHz.
I menaged to get a linux kernel image that works well exept for the most important thing in a STB: in fact the video goes black after the boot sequence. I didn't undestand what shall I do to make framebuffer support work with an NSC Geode GX/SC120x chipset: shall I use vesafb, or I have to use a different kernel framebuffer module? In kernel 2.4.12 there was a module called 'geodefb' which could be loaded with boot parameters like these: << video=geodefb:vmode:PAL-720x576-16 >>
While in standard kernels 2.6.x there isn't such a module: could it be that it's no more available a linux kernel 2.6 frame buffer driver for Geode SC120x ???

I'm lost: I've tried ALL the patch that I've found in Google but nothing seems to work: if anyone have a suggestion I would really appreciate!

Thanks all in advance


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