Re: Possible problem with gdk_selection_get_owner()

Mark Leisher wrote:
Mark Leisher wrote:

Attached are two small programs, gtk.c and x11.c. Both are meant to demonstrate how to use a GdkAtom/Atom to determine if an instance of a program is already running (Linux/Unix).

I've finally tracked down the problem. When the call to gdk_selection_owner_get() is done, the proper selection XID is returned as being the owner of the selection, but there is no entry in the GtkDisplay's XID hashtable (xid_ht).

Well, another case of me missing the obvious. Never mind, it isn't actually a problem. When the second instance of the gtk.c program is run, it only has the list of windows created for the process. It doesn't know about windows created in other processes. GDK would have to create a list of all property owner windows at startup to make this work like I expected.

The way to make it work is to make calls directly to Xlib. Of course that only works on Unix/Linux.
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