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I'm curious how you build the app under your user directory, but make it installable anywhere, given that you specify a fixed prefix.

BTW: I have built the latest version of vips/nip2 from source for both Mac OS X 10.3.9 and 10.4.4, all against the current gtk+ (2.8.x). It looks great, I just wish I had more time to explore its power...

On 2/12/06, John Cupitt < jcupitt gmail com> wrote:
On 2/11/06, Calvin Ellis < kyndig gmail com> wrote:
> My question to the gtk developers is what would be the best approach as to
> distributing software on the MAC platform that requires gtk?

I do this by creating a directory in my home area, then
installing my program, gtk and prerequisites with

  ./configure --prefix=/Users/me/

I have a wrapper script in called myapp which
sets a bunch of environment variables and then runs the binary in You can give the program
an icon, control how it interacts with filetypes and the finder, etc.
etc. by creating Info.plist, an XML file in

You can then package the directory tree inside a .dmg and
users can install by mounting the disc image and then dragging the
icon. They will have to have X11 installed first ... it's an optional
package on Apple's install CDs. The wrapper script will start X11 if
it's not already running.

You're welcome to steal any boilerplate you need (like the wrapper
script, or the Info.plist). My program can be downloaded here:

Of course if you make any improvements I'd be interested to hear. I
last did a mac binary in the pre-cairo days, so I'm sure there are
some more environment variables to set.

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