Re: Disable mnemonics in UIManager

Paul Davis wrote:

It's possible to disable the automatic mnemonic conversion in the
UIManager/Action? Otherwise it's not possible to put text with an
undersocre into the menu. I searched in the gtkmm and gtk documentation
but don't found anything related to the mnemonic conversion in
I've had the same problem with dynamically-generated menu names and
TreeView column titles. I think that "_" can be escaped as "__" but I
haven't tried it yet. It really should be documented, for instance here:
Ah, didn't thought about quoting the underscore. Just tried out and quoting works fine. A note in the docu about it would be helpful for others in the future I'm sure.

this is almost the most unhelpful-yet-helpful email thread i have ever
read. two people using terms like "escaping" and "quoting" back and
forth with no clear explanation of what they mean at all.

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I know what you mean Paul, *both* of my brain cells assigned to intuition just burned clean out. :-)

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