Re: brand newbie question

I'm a CS student who to this point has only programmed in java.  I
just got an internsip and i am learning c on a fedora core 4 system. The first task i was given was to take the output from the program i
have pasted at the end of this message, and, every time the program is
run, have it present the information in the form of a gnome window
with a chart plotting the output of the program, instead of just
printing it down the terminal screen as it does now.  I would
appreciate some tips on what would be the best way to approach this
task, as well as some pointers to some good tutorials or something
that will help me get started with gtk+ windows and such.  Also, what
would be the easist way to draw the graph?


I would recommend checking out two places:

Gtk+ Tutorial:
API Reference:

Your third best resource is Google, which is how I learned. I hope
this helps!

Andrew Krause

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