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--- Bill Cunningham <billcu1 verizon net> wrote:

>     Sergei,
> Does your tool have a home page? I'm about at witts end with this. Now I'm
> being told I need expat to compile fontconfig which is needed for freetype.
> You sent me a link and I downloaded the file. Is there a page? I don't have
> that link anymore.
> Thanks
> Bill
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Isn't the URL in my signature ?

I'll be out for several hours - if you encounter a problem, read
the first error message (look for :ERROR:). The message should
contain full path to 'configure.log', 'make.log', etc.

Look into the logs to see what the problem is.

Typically, you'll need some basic packages like 'zlib', 'libpng'
etc., including .h files, installed at system level.


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