Re: Regarding portability of GTk 2.0 with montaVista ?


On Fri, 2 Sep 2005 15:02:46 +0530
Vinayak J <Vinayak J lntinfotech com> wrote:

>    I'm working on the GTK on linux platform for the time being. But, 
>later I have to work on the montaVista on the ARM processor. I just wanted 
>to know, whether, the GTK can be run on themontavista.....? Please help me 
>in this regard.

I think MontaVista provides several different Linux:
* MontaVista Linux for Embedded Devices (Professional Edition)
* MontaVista Linux for Communications Infrastructure (Carrier Grade Edition)
* MontaVista Linux for Consumer Electronics (Consumer Electronics Edition)
* MontaVista Linux for Mobile Devices (Mobilinux)

Which target you will work for? I think, platform includes MMU,
glibc is ported to, and has some framebuffer (that TinyX can run on),
you may able to use GTK+.

In fact, MontaVista provides such SDK:
It seems to be running on TinyX and GTK+-2.0 based,
so I'm afraid you cannot use full-featured latest GTK+ on there.


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