Drang and Drop over windows with big textviews.

Well, I am developing a LibGlade application using c++ and libglade (I
am using libgtk and libglade, not libgtkmm and libglademm).

I have been able to do it, but my application has some areas which are
textview widgets.
Something similar to this:

I do something like this:

gtk_drag_dest_set (window_main,	GTK_DEST_DEFAULT_ALL, 			   drag_types,
n_drag_types,  GDK_ACTION_COPY);

I want do use dnd for files. I want to open them when they are droped
into the window.

But dnd does't work over the textviews, only in the rest of the window.
I have tried to do gtk_drag_dest_set() over the textviews, but it
doesn't work. 
I suppose textview and dnd work different.

Do you know how could I correct this?

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