Re: Repeated timeouts period

I saw this behavior occur in my application, what your sugestion to fix it ?

Good Lucky

Nicolas George wrote:

you've already given a pretty good example of how to deal with this
problem properly.  something like: use the timeout to fetch the real
system time once every 999/1000's of a second.

No, you are making a mistake here: having a 999ms timeout has just the same
problem as having a 1000ms timeout: sooner or later, your timeout will fall
in a pattern like that:

time = 42.0003 -> clock updated to 42
time = 42.9998 -> clock left to 42
time = 43.9993 -> clock updated to 43, almost 1 second late
time = 44.9988 -> clock updated to 44, almost

One could round instead of truncating, but that leave up to half a second
error, which do not suite me.

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