how to enable cairo support while building pango

Hi all,

Has any one cross-compiled pango with cairo support if yes, please mail me what is the configuration which enable cairo support in pango.

I build cairo successively as a part of gtk+-2.8.4 dependent package building , but while compilling pango I have not seen libpangocairo in place.

my configure option is...
./configure --build=i686-pc-linux-gnu --host=arm-linux --prefix=/opt/Pxa/tools/gtk+-2.8.4 --x-libraries=/opt/Pxa/tools/arm-linux/lib --x-includes=/opt/Pxa/tools/arm-linux/include --with-PACKAGE=expat --with-PACKAGE=xft --with-PACKAGE=freetype --with-PACKAGE=fontconfig --with-cairo --with-x --with-xftfontconfig-dir=/opt/Pxa/tools/arm-linux/lib/X11 --enable-shared CC=arm-linux-gcc

What am i missing here.
Thanks in advance,

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