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hello all,
I want to read GTK documentation for lerning this liabrary.  Where all
 functions involve and  how i can make the different things using GTK
liabray. For example how we can make the Buttons, Dialog Box and so
on. This time i don't know from where i should start to learn
everything which 'll helpful for me in future during development.
so i hope you 'll understand what i want to ask and 'll proceed my
request after.



On 11/10/05, Edward Liu <dhliu springsoft com tw> wrote:
> Surya Kiran Gullapalli wrote:
> >  I've developed a small application using gtkmm (2.8.0). the
> > application runs fine, but the appearance is some what bothering me.
> > Gnome-2.12 says, the default theme for gnome is clearlooks.
> >
> > when i run a different desktop (say kde, or fvwm) my application will
> > not use the clearlooks theme. It uses default gtk theme. or whatever.
> >
> Did you run gnome-settings-daemon  ?
> Here is a suggestion to GTK people.
> If gnome-settings-daemon is not running, why doesn't GTK execute one
> automatically?
> Edward
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