Re: Problems - GTK no receiving signals - no running callbacks

Flavio Alberto Lopes Soares wrote:
Hello all, I'm creating an application using GTK+ 2.6.4-3, your
interface was made using glade-2 and I connected some functions on some
signals of main window (the single window at now), these signals are
"activate_default", "activate_focus", "show", "destroy", but when I ran
the program the callbacks from these signals was not called, what I did
wrong ? Why the callbacks aren't called ?

Quote from libglade home page [1]:

"Libglade can also automatically connect signal handlers in the user interface. It does this by matching handler names specified in the glade file with symbols in the executable looked up with the gmodule library (this requires that applications be linked with the --export-dynamic flag)."

The classic reason for this to not work is that people forget
to put --rdynamic or --export-dynamic on the command line when
compiling thier application.



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