Font selector troubles

Since I updated GTK from 2.4.x to 2.6.x, I've noticed that the
font selector wouldn't let me select some of my TTF fonts; it
would only let me select the 'Bold' ones of a family.
Although all available fonts of a chosen family are listed,
clicking on 'Medium' weighted fonts will only preview and
select the corresponding 'Bold' one, if present.

I found out that fonts with 'Book' weight behaved correctly,
so no wonder that M$ fonts (Arial, Verdana, Comic Sans, etc)
worked normally: the 'Regular' (and related) ones all have
'Book' weight. Using fontforge, I changed the weight of one
of my TTF fonts from 'Medium' to 'Book', and the font
selector let me select it again!

So it seems that GTK messes around with font weights. The
problem is not apparent unless users have 'Medium' weighted
fonts installed (probably other weigths are affected too, I
haven't tested this).

For testing, I have uploaded a font family at


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