theme engines local to a user


I am running gnome 2.6.2 on an x86, to which I do not have
administrative access. Nevertheless, I'd like to run an other theme
than the ones installed.

Installing the additional themes in ${HOME}/.themes worked flawlessly,
but the trouble sets in when one of the themes tries to use another
engine than installed (I get Gtk-WARNING **: Unable to locate theme
engine in module_path: "pixmap" warnings, and of course, rendering
does not work).

I've therefore installed the pixbuf engine in
'${HOME}/bin/lib/gtk-2.0/2.4.0/engines/', and would now
like to run it.

Adding it to the LD_LIBRARY path did not work. Creating a .gtkrc.mine
and adding a 'module_path' statement wrecked havoc. Putting the
library in a path called
'${HOME}/.gtk/lib/themes/engines/' did not help either.

Now I am running pretty much out of ideas. I would be very happy if
someone could give me a hint on how to let gtk interoperate with
locally installed theme engines.

Kind regards,

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