Re: gtk, cairo, glitz, luminocity, what's their relation?

On Sun, 27 Mar 2005 17:02:01 +0200, writser xs4all nl said:

> promising. There is one thing I don't understand though. Cairo is able to
> render scalable widgets using vector graphics. Glitz is a backend that
> provides openGL acceleration for Cairo. So if I'm not mistaken, an OpenGL
> accelerated window is drawn this way: gtk -> cairo -> glitz. But where
> does the window manager do it's work? A new windowmanager, luminocity, is
> in development. It provides OpenGL acceleration too. But using a Xgl
> backend, afaik. 

Since nobody posted a reply.. ;)

In general, the "user program" in an X environment is responsible for drawing
the stuff *inside* its window, and the window manager is responsible for doing
all the "decorations" - titlebars, maximize/minimize/etc buttons, and so forth.
So in the scenario you suggest, the user program would be doing an OpenGL
rendering *into* a window via gtk->cairo->glitz.  Meanwhile, luminocity is
using a Xgl backend to draw the eye candy *around* the window(*).  There's no
conflict, as the two programs are (hopefully) drawing different pixels on the

(*) Actually, the window manager is most likely drawing into *another* window
that happens to be immediately ajacent to the application program's window...

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