Problems with GtkPaned

I have few problems with GtkPaned:

1.)  I'am trying to catch event when user drags the handle of the splitter
widget (GtkPaned)
I've tried installing following
 g_signal_connect ( hpaned1, "move-handle", G_CALLBACK (on_splitter_moved),
 g_signal_connect ( hpaned1, "accept-position", G_CALLBACK
(on_splitter_accept), NULL);

But it seems that this doesn't work at all. No such events are generated
I am using gtk 2.6.4 on Win2k (VC++ 6.0) and gtk 2.4.x on FC3 (gcc).

2.) Another big problem is events/signals online documentation:
 Most of these events are not described at all. All I can do is to try
guessing their meaning by the signal name (sometimes this is not enough).
Additionally it would be nice to have gtk version when each signal was

3.) This one is for Win32 only, probably gtk bug:
  When dragging the GtkPaned handle to resize panes, screen where handle
passed is not redrawn (ends garbled).
   The same code works fine on Linux (FC3).

I hope for some helpful comments

Best regards,
  Miroslav Rajcic

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