Win32, GTK+ and string Internationalisation


I'm wondering how I can make my app so I can select a native language other than english and have the interface translated into the new language I selected, as an example, I want to select spanish and have all the GTK+ strings translated into Spanish for me, so a spanish user can see the app in their native language and use it like I would at the moment.

I've seem in Glade, they say use intltool, tim mueller suggested using gettext from glib-2.6 and I attempted to find an example, anything that could help me, but without wanting to hammer tim for more help than that, I thought I would ask here instead. Has anyone translated an app for another language in win32 before and wouldnt mind giving me a little help on how to get started on my own app.

I've heard you gotta create .po files, is that right? But I'm not 100% sure on what I have to do to get this working.

Anyway, if you know anything, please help.



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