Re: TreeModel and visible rows

> Currently i'm setting a constant value (e.g. 13), and display only
> the latest # datasets in a row.
> My software updates the TreeModel (Liststore) every 0.5sec., to
> update the TreeModel i'm clearing it and appending my latest
> datasets.
> I'm having 3k datasets and couldn't append every 0.5sec. all
> my datasets just to display the latests visible rows. But the
> TreeModel or the Liststore should know how many rows are
> visible, cause they are drawing it, i thought/hoped there where
> a function like gtk_list_store_get_visible_rows().
> If i would drop the ScrollingWidget, is there a way to determine
> the visible rows?

The store_model's work indepentently of the views. You can have several
views and virtual models stacked on top of a list/tree_store.

a) you always keep the model up-to-date

b) you fetch the view position of the treeview and update only that part
of the model:


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