Re: Are there anybody interested in porting GTK to embedded dev board

* lin Yang (gtk_embedded yahoo com) wrote:
> Hello,everybody!
> I'm working on porting GTK to Intel dev board. My goal
> is to develop a system like smart phone or PDA. After
> investegating Qt and GTK, I choose GTK as my graphic
> user interface.However it's not easy.Firstly, I port
> X11 onto the dev board. Secondly, I compiled GTK.As to
> applications, I want to use GPE. If anyone else is
> interested in this topic,please feel free to contact
> me. I'm very pleased to discuss with you.

Actually, I think someone has altready done this with FLTK or someting.
ONe of the PDAs I used to have was entirely linux based and used GTK for
the UI which was a special version which I *think* was called FLTK or
something like that. The PDA used an embedded chip (though not intel

Let's see, here is what I was thinking of, though according to the page
it's C++ based.

It's worth a look. Failing that, I'd be happy to help you out on a
contractual basis.

Note that GTK+ is a little large for embedded systems. See this

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