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the way i have solved this is problem is to set up a graphing coordinate system between the user coordinates (from the CAD file) and the window coordinates: this amounts to setting up a structure containing the min and max of the user coordinates and the window coordinates (and probably more) to be used to translate between the two.

then write the functions user_to_pix_x(), user_to_pix_y(), pix_to_user_x() and pix_to_user_y() for the coordinate system and you can get to there from here with ease, always right vs. the size of the window.

i can provide code if you like.



On Mon, 20 Jun 2005 14:10:51 +0200 (MEST), <abent gmx de> wrote:

please help me i have a logic problem. i write a application
that draws CADpoints from a Cadfile (x,y coord.) on a
drawingarea. so far so good. now i wanna align this points to the
windowsize. my idea was, add the windows x-y coord. to the pointcoord.
but this is not very suggestive. i know this is not a real gtk thing but
i thought some of you are really c++ cracks and could bring me on the
right way. thanks!

Richard Boaz
riboaz xs4all nl

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