Re: lockups in win32

you could post your code and we can see what the problem is, that's
always a good idea

On 6/16/05, Greg Steffensen <greg steffensen gmail com> wrote:
> Hey, I'm developing an app in for windows using python and PyGTK, and it
> sometimes locks up, and the locks up the entire windows xp interfrace.  I'm
> pretty certain that the main bug is in my code, not GTK, but I'm trying to
> figure out what could cause the entire xp interface to lock up.  
> Specifically the app freezes, and then you can click around xp for a bit,
> but it quickly freezes too (for some reason, trying to access the find entry
> on the start menu always makes it freeze instantly).  What does this
> signify?  Is an error in the gtk main loop supposed to be able to cause
> this, or this a bug in gtk/pygtk in addition to my own bugs?
>  Greg
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