glibconfig.h file missing ?

Hello all;
Please excuse my syntax, I am a newbie.
I am currently using gtk2-2.0.6-8 with glib-1.2.10-8 and glib2-2.0.6-2 and on my laptop and am trying to install Gtk on an HPUX 11.11 system. I have tried a set of pre-compiled binaries from th HP-UX porting web site (Gtk 2.2.2 and all dependencies) but can not get that collection to work. I have tried compiling eveything myself and can not get that to work. I currently have the precompiled glib-2.6.0 installed and when I try to "./configure" Gtk 2.6.0 I get a "glibconfig.h: No such file or directory" error (well actually hundreds of them). This file does not seem to be in the Glib2 tar, but I do have it on my laptop (In both the glib and glib dirs). But all the other glib-2.0 header files are including it? So where is it? Did it get removed at some point?
If anyone has any ideas please let me know. Thank you.

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