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I wish to show a jpg file in the user interface.
What widget do I use and what function call do I use.
I tried an image widget But it does not show jpg

Hi Shiraz,
            You can use the GtkDrawingArea Widget for Display, and GdkPixBuf
for holding the Image data ,

 1.) Create a Drawing Area
 2.) Add to your main application Window
 3.) Connect the Signal handlers to the Drawing Area , like Configure-event,
expose-event etc.
 4.) In the expose event, use gdk_pixbuf_new_from_file , check for Error

 5.) After you get the PixBuf returned here , you can get the height,
Rowstride and width of the image from Pixbuf,
 6.) You should now get the pixels get_pixels or something, there is a call
to get pixels array from the 
     Pixbuf( Consult Documentation of GdkPixBuf) 

 7.) gdk_draw_rgb_image --> can now be used to draw the raw data on the

Note: I used it sometime back , and i do not remember the names of the
functions fully !
Hope it helps .


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