Re: Warning when drawing on a Gnome canvas

Paul Davis a écrit :
The messages are from libart. (art_svp_intersect.c, function

Thank you for your answer. I don't understand why this occurs. Have
you had any issue with that before ?
Yes, I had this message at once, probably about two years ago, but I do
not remember what was the cause.

these messages are caused by giving libart_lgpl a set of points for a
shape that either:

	1) have multiple instances of the same x-coordinate values
	2) if they wrap around to form a closed polygon (or even
	    "start" to do so to form a non-closed polygon), they
	    do not wrap counter-clockwise (IIRC)


I found out I get more or less of those warnings when I play with the zoom of the canvas. As I draw many polygons, I suppose that conversion outputs the same x coordinate when points are too close.

It seems I can't do nothing more than ignore it.

Thank you

Yann Normand

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