Allocator replacement.

First excuse my bad english.
This is my first post to this list, and hope not botter anyone since it
seems this topic has been a little controversial.
Im having a lot of problems with systems whith few memory (if 512 Megs
is few), and i will have more of this systems soon without a chance to
put more memory on them.
Reading the faq (
5.28. Why does GTK+/GLib leak memory?), and remembering that somewhere i
read that a memory allocator replacement that releases more memory to
the os can be used, i would like to ask if there is some known way to do
this safely, or if someone has tried.
Ive made a few attempts, and with apps that doesn't use glib i have get
very good results, but when i try with gtk the most heavy apps like
nautilus, gedit and mozilla breaks.
I think this is posible and can have good results because sometimes
gedit doesn't break and i have seen it starting at about 30 megs getting
quikly to 50 megs and then returning to about 30 whith no noticeable
performance lost, this i've never seen without the replacement.

Thanks for your attention and help.

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