Re: GtkTextBuffer


>>>you must use a more recent
> > > version.
> > >
> > this is bad! i have read that only gtk1.2+ works on solaris 2.6 system.

where dis you read this information ?! it does not make sense, since ,
as every *nix, you can install programs, libraries and so on, and
execute compatible binaries as well on your Solares. So, why wouldn't
it work properly !? If the problems are the gtk dependencies, it can
be solved as well (but not necessarily easyly).

> > is this a correct information? if not ... can i install a newer version
> > over my old version of gtk?
> > thanks!
> I don't know about solaris-2.6 and gtk+-2.x.

go to <> and have fun !

> Otherwise, you can install gtk+-1.2 and gtk+-2.x on the same machine.


Antonio Gomes
E-mail: antonio gomes indt org br
Embedded Linux Lab - 10LE
INdT - Instituto Nokia de Tecnologia (Manaus/Br)
NOKIA's Technology Institute

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