Re: Displaying an HTML page with GTK

Alejandro Sánchez Acosta writes:
 > AFAIK gtkhtml doesn't work in windows

In case you mean the "gtkhtml" module in GNOME CVS, the HEAD branch of
it (version 3.something) does work on Windows. It (or mainly its
dependencies, gtkhtml itself didn't contain much stuff that needed
porting) has been ported as part of the Evolution porting effort.

gtkhtml's dependencies are things like libgnomeui, libbonoboui, and
ORBit2 which also have been ported to Windows.

All this work has been done in the HEAD branches, and some details
might not yet even be committed to CVS. There definitely aren't any
ready-to-use packages with prebuilt binaries available.

If you mean the "gtkhtml2" module, it might work to some extent on
Windows already. This is what GIMP's built-in help browser uses, and
some people have been working on using the built-in help browser on
Windows, too (instead of a web browser), with some success. But again,
you will probably have to build gtkhtml2 yourself.


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