GTK query

  I am using gtk for GUI application development, where I required drag and drop option, I downloaded testdnd.c a sample dnd program. 
It is simple program, didn't work's as actual drag and drop, I just modified the program, which creates new widget, when a widget is dropped on a widget like Label. Kindly clarify the following query.

1. How to catch drop event of the widget on the table (1:1), of size 3 row X 3 column( presently dropping on the label widget)
2. On drag and drop the source widget has to be created, where the source widget is dropped.

 I required more details on drag & drop, the gtk tutorial didn't have much information on dnd. I like to refer more sample programs, if you send me the link will be much useful & helpful.  

 With Anticipation & regards,

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