gtk2 apps under other desktops ( eg Enlightenment )

Hi all.

I just tried out Enlightenment-0.17 on my work PC and have lost a couple
of important things.

Mainly, I've lost my gtk2 theme preferences - ie all gtk2 apps start
with the default theme. If I log out of Enlightenment and back into
Gnome, my Gtk2 apps get the correct theme. What's required for my apps
to know the theme I've selected previously?

The other thing I've lost - which also relates to a bug I've encountered
after upgrading Gnome - is all the icons in Nautilus. Everything is
represented by a generic "unknown" type of icon - ie the one that's used
for unknown file types. Also, if I right-click on one of these icons and
select 'properties', and in the dialog that appears I click the emblems'
tab, there are *no* icons here either. What is required to invigorate
nautilus with it's pretty icons?

And lastly - carrying on from the last point - on a number of Gentoo
boxen, after upgrading Gnome ( eg from 2.6 to 2.8 on some, and also from
2.8 to 2.10 on others ) I've got the same problem with nautilus
displaying the 'unknown' icon for everything - but of course this is
when I'm actually *running* Gnome. As above, but stated slightly
differently, what could have happened during the upgrade to bring this
sorry state of affairs about? I've tried everything, from deleting my
.gnome2 etc folders, to creating new users. Nothing brings my icons back.

Any help greatly appreciated :)


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