GTK VTS project update

	To recap earlier discussion on this topic here, we (LSB WG) have
started looking at GTKVTS project (from GTK CVS) for our runtime
testing. We are currently getting it up to date and will start adding
remaining test cases. Currently the project covers only the libgtk
library partially. We will add coverage for other GTK+ libraries and
complete the libgtk coverage further. 

Does GTK+ community have interest in using this project as their
regression or other type of testing? What other test suites are
available which potentially can be used by LSB?

While we update the VTS test suite, we will really like to get it
reviewed from the GTK community before putting it back in GTK CVS and
making it part of LSB runtime testing. Is it possible to do that in this
forum and what will be process?

Thanks all,

-Rajesh Banginwar.

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