Re: GTK+ and Application Delivery

On Mon, Jul 11, 2005 at 04:09:26PM +0200, riboaz xs4all nl wrote:
> But my question is this: why does GTK+ not encourage itself to be more
> accessible from an application deployment point of view?  Why is there, at
> least, not an explicit document relating to delivery and deployment
> issues?  Why is there not a distinction made between development with tht
> GTK+ libraries and deployment of applications made thereof?  Why are there
> no binaries of the libraries available that can make this distribution
> easier?  (For example, I need to deliver this on macOS and don't have a
> mac machine myself, where do I obtain the binaries to make my app
> distributable?)

there are no doubt a few reasons.  here are a couple: 1) GTK+ if I'm not
mistaken was developed first and primarily on Linux and maybe *BSD
systems, which all seem to have "third party" (not app, not library)
package management/installation applications which make this a
non-issue.  2) it's a volunteer project, and probably no one has had
time to make this type of process really easy.  (Maybe you'd like to
make this your baby?)

- Ben

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