What is neccessary to implement a pixbuff-rendering backend?

in cohesion to my previous post "Is it possible to render into memory on win32/gtk?" i think I've got a plan that works without hacks, is portable and of general use for the gtk community: I would like to implement a pixbuf or pixmap (still not sure what the difference is) rendering backend for gtk. it will be similar to the Linux-fb backend, but more like the DirectFB backend (not because it will be hardware accelerated, but because it will have an own window-manager). The purpose of this backend will be the possibility to render gtk-widgets with all kinds of 2D/3D APIs (OpenGL, DirectX, SDL, win32-GDI, what ever), that is supporting drawing of bitmaps (direct or as textures). Also i would implement methods that have to be called by the host-application to pass keyboard and mouse events to the Backend. So GTK will be embedded into a wider range of Applications and will be of more general use for Full-Screen VR and Game-Applications that need to render their GUI with another API than with the ones already
   supported by GTK.

So i end up with some questions:

A the moment i think it should be enough to implement the gdk runtime library. is it possible to tell GTK to use another
   GDK-runtime without recompile?

what will by interface look like, what methods are called/required by GTK applications.

will theme-engines still work? i think wimp will not work, because it is not using GDK for drawing (?) what is with others
   especially the pixmap/pixbuf theme engine?

Anything that points me into the right direction is welcome.

thanks in regard Benjamin - thronerbe[at]gmx.de

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