Re: Newbie Question about installing GTK+-2.6

> Is there a binary package for GTK+-2.6, how can I install it? 

What distro are you using ?! If SuSE or Debian, RH, or FC I'm sure
there is GTK 2.4.x (and its dependencies)  binaries available by its
respectively FTP sites ... but I don't not if the 2.6.X banaries are
available ...

> Do I have to install Glib, Pango and ATK before I install GTK+-2.6? Is there
> any documentation about how to install them? 

Yes , the official site availables documentation <>

> I tried to follow the installation guide, after i untar the tar.gz file and
> try to configure it as following 
> ./configure --prefix=/howe/user/gtk 

I prefer to use ./configure --prefix=/usr ... ;)

> I was using root account, but I got "-bash: ./configure: Permission denied",
> why could this happen? 

Are you sure you are ROOT ?!

Best Regards 

Antonio Gomes
Embedded Linux Developer
Embedded Linux Lab - 10LE
INdT - Instituto Nokia de Tecnlogia

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