Re: chaining OBJECT_new() functions?

On Sun, 2005-02-20 at 10:53 +0000, Roger Leigh wrote:
> Sorry, I meant construction /properties/ (properties created with
> G_PARAM_CONSTRUCT), which are passed to g_object_new() for object
> initialisation.
> My understanding (which may be wrong) is that doing anything else in a
> new() function (rather than in the object_init(), object_construct()
> or with a construction parameter) makes is difficult to write language
> bindings.

Yes, the official answer to the question about chaining up to _new() is
that _new() functions should never do anything that can't be done via

i.e. the parameters to my_widget_new() should be used to set properties
on the widget that could also be set with g_object_new/g_object_set


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