gtk+1.2 and xorg-6.8.2. Font problem. [Partial solution]


I don't know how xorg and gtk are interconnected, but my problem arised
after upgrade of xorg to 6.8.2_rc2 version and freetype library to 2.1.9.

I had (and have) strange problem with all gtk-1 based applications in
ru_RU.UTF-8 locale. I can not see any russian letters there. There are
some strange symbols and english letters instead of russian words. The
length of words is twice longer then it should. For example word
"Свойства" looks like "'3'S'`'['c'd'S'Q".

If you have the same problem, as a partial solution I can suggest to start
your applications like this:

env LC_ALL=ru_RU.KOI8-R gnucash

This a least allows to write russian letters in gnucash and to have
readable russian interface. Of course you can not avoid bad russian

BTW. Does anybody have xorg-6.8.2 installed with the new freetype library
and do not have problems with gtk-1 applications in UTF-8 locale?

Sorry for my bad english and
thank you for your attention,

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