Re: How to change the font of GtkComboBox popup list

> Hi,
> I'm trying to change the font of a GtkComboBox but i can only change the
> font of the the 'label' part (that what's visible when popup is inactive)
> I cannot find a way to change the font of the popup entry's, i tried with
> gtk_container_forall() but that didn't work.
> I have found a couple of simular questions with google, but no answers.
> (hope i will have more luck this time)
> Has anyone successfully done this?, is it even possible?
> I'm using gtk+ 2.4

I don't have to to write a sample, but this shoule be enough:


And look up the docs for GtkList for how to change the look of it.

Stian Skjelstad aka mw|

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