GTK+ and (perl or python)?


I'm thinking about making some kind of thing that will allow me to
handle callbacks in either python or perl.  Can you help me pick a
language?  (to be clear: I'm planning to do something similar to Gimp:
the main program is written in C but can handle some events in perl.)

I was planning on using perl like the Gimp does...  start a perl
"server" and send it stuff through a unix domain socket.  This has the
important (to me) feature of being able to allocate and maintain state
information...  such as database handles or a file parsing state for

I'm thinking about using python instead though because I hear adding
callbacks in C to python handler code is relatively simple.  (it's about
time I learned python anyway.)  I don't know if a python state is
maintained for all callbacks though, which would be important.

Advice?  Are there good materials I can read about handling GTK+ (C
generated) callbacks with scripting languages?  Anyone have experience?

Thank a lot!


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