Re: Problem with g_signal_connect under Windows

Sebastian Vöcking ha scritto lo scorso 10/02/2005 12.05:

I am working on a little program that should run under Linux and
Windows. Under Linux everything is working fine, but I get a strange
error under Windows XP SP2:

gmem.c:174: Failed to allocate 16 bytes

I found out that this error came from a call to g_signal_connect ().

Until now, I did not experience nothing like that with my apps (running both under linux and 98/200/xp); could you provide more details?

A possible workarounds seems to activate the compatibility mode. As long
as I set it to Windows 95 or 98/ME. Windows 2000 and NT also produce
this error. So I might have something to do with the nt series.

Has anyone an idea about a solution for that?


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