Re: fontconfig

Tommy Tam wrote:
Has anyone been successful in cross-compiling fontconfig? I'm compiling for the ARM. It is needed for Pango. fontconfig also needs expat and freetype, which I managed to cross-compile fine. I have not been able to find any documentation on how to do this.

During the make, it tries to run the binary fc.lang, but how can that be possible if fc.lang is compiled for a different processor?
I did it this way: after configure stage (just before make) overwrite fc-lang/Makefile:
        cat >fc-lang/Makefile <<EOF
# This file overwrites original Makefile for cross-compiling fontconfig

gcc `grep FREETYPE_CFLAGS Makefile | sed -e 's,^.* = \(-I.*\)$,\1,'` \
-I.. -I../src fc-lang.c -o fc-lang
        ./fc-lang *.orth < fclang.tmpl.h > fclang.h || exit $?
        rm -f fc-lang fclang.h

> Also, I found this posting, which said:
Question: is it necessery to have freetype AND freetype2 installed?
What's the difference between them?
These are different versions of freetype, you need to use freetype2.


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