Re: Plotting, text drawing, etc.

On Mon, Feb 07, 2005 at 07:28:12PM -0800, James Frye wrote:
> Ali,
> Thanks.  I'll have a look for future reference, but I figured out a quick
> & dirty hack that does what I need.  I have the GTK menu program start
> gnuplot as a pipe, then re-parent gnuplot's plot window into a GTK widget.
> So I stuff gnuplot commands & data into the pipe, and the resulting plot
> shows up where I want it.
> Constructive laziness :-)

That sounds like a perfect solution to me.  I'd been reading about the
OLE-like Gnome stuff and how it's really so incredibly easy to embed
features of one program in another.  I think this is extremely cool and
I would love to read more about what you did, and see a brief example if
you don't mind sharing.  :)  Thanks.

- Ben

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