Are g_try_malloc() and g_free() thread-safe?

Can anyone say with certainty whether g_try_malloc() and g_free() are
thread-safe?  I've spent considerable time searching mailing lists and
googling and have found only sketchy opinions at best.

Historically, I have been wrapping all of my allocations and releases in
a global mutex, but this seems far from optimal.  I assume that these
functions are implementations of malloc() and free(), but again it seems
there is no definitive answer to my question.

If these functions lock the heap during memory allocations and releases
then my wrappers are pointless.  However, I have noticed that when I
don't use the global mutex wrapper, g_try_malloc will often return an
invalid address (not NULL as documented) or my data will be corrupt when
it is access across threads.

Basically, my application has several threads which push and pop
"messages" to/from a linked-list.  The data (message) for each node is
allocated from the heap when it is "pushed" and freed by the processing
loop when it is "popped".  The result is that there can be several
hundred messages which are allocated and freed within a very microscopic
time frame.  Since my linked-list is independently locked
(g_static_mutex_lock), I am confident the problem lies outside the list

Any and all thoughts on this would be appreciated.

BTW... the architecture is Linux on i386

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