Re: is GtkRadioButton thread safe? how do I make sure my similar widget is also thread safe?

> I'm sure I understand you because of the following, but to make
> absolutely certain...  you mean: locking shared structures from within
> generic widget code (such as that defined by the GtkRadioButton) is a
> terrible idea.  right?  (don't bother answering this question, unless my
> head is really on backwards.)

GtkWidget's are thread-safe when you use the gdk_threads_enter and
gdk_threads_leave right.

> Thank you very much for removing my confusion.  I'll let my simple
> widgets continue to be non-thread-safe.

Yes. Since the widgets don't do the thread-locking. User-code does, and
the gtk-main-loops.

Stian Skjelstad

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