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sudhindra hebbar wrote:
1)Setting decimal precision to entry widget(gtk 2.4).
Use GtkSpinButton widget for the numeric entry. It has gtk_spin_button_set_digits(), gtk_spin_button_get_digits() methods for specifying precision. Precision value is stored in "digits" property, so you also may want to use g_object_get() and g_object_set() functions to access it.

2)Increasing a font size of text in entry widget.
Use gtk_widget_modify_font() function on your widget. It takes PangoFontDescription* as a second parameter, you can obtain existing font description by GTK_WIDGET(widget)->style->font_desc and use pango_font_description_get_size(), pango_font_description_set_size() functions to change the size of the font. I suggest you to copy GTK_WIDGET(widget)->style->font_desc by pango_font_description_copy(), modify it and then stuff back with gtk_widget_modify_font(). Don't forget to use pango_font_description_free() on your PangoFontDescription object after gtk_widget_modify_font().
Read Pango reference about setting font's size.

3)sample code for different entry widget operations.
What do you mean ? How to set/get a text or smth different ?

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Can you please not include stuff like that ^^^ in your posts ?

PS: providing "subject" line in message is a *right thing*.

You can find info about all functions mentioned above at:


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