Re: A few GtkFileChooserDialog questions


Douglas Vechinski <douglas vechinski dynetics com> writes:

> First, is it possible to make a GtkFileChooserDialog when in
> GTK_FILE_CHOOSER_ACTION_SAVE action to "activate" when the user presses
> Enter or Return in the name entry box so that one does not have to move
> the mouse to the Save button?

It already does that. Perhaps you are using an old version?

> Second, when a file chooser dialog is first started in save action, it
> is possible to have the "Browse other folders" button already expanded
> when it is displayed?  I can't really tell where I am easily when all I
> see is single folder name.

AFAIK this isn't possible. Since this has been requested several times
already, it should perhaps be added. But then I can understand that
the user interface designer disagree here. The dialog is nice and
simple as it is and the "Browse other folders" part should only rarely
be needed.

> When a GtkFileChooserDialog is started in Load action, is it
> possible to have the name entry field present so one can also type
> in a name.

You can already type in a name, you don't need an entry for that. Just
do it.


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