Two problems with TextView

1. How can I set the maximum length of a TextBuffer/TextView?

2. Under WinMe and GTK 2.6.4 runtime, my TextView does not display
   the text until I click into it. In Linux (FC3, gtk-2.4.14-3.fc3),
   it does not have this problem. I simply called
   gtk_text_buffer_set_text(), the application is the same, compiled
   with MingW 3.2.0-rc3 on Windows. Also, the cursor is invisible if
   it's at the beginning of a line under Windows. Also not a problem
   under Linux. Is it a gtk 2.6.x vs. gtk 2.4.x regression or a
   GTK/Win32 bug?

Best regards,
Zoltán Böszörményi

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