Re: glib.h

On Friday 17 September 2004 18:39, Kermit Tensmeyer wrote:

>  I'll check back thru the Configure script and see where gsize is
> referenced or if it get's inserted at all.
>   and post results..

 i traced thru the configure scripts and checked version numbers on files
 The built glibconfig.h from Glib 2.4.6 has gsize, gmacros and gtype defined 
in the right place and it does install to $prefix/lib/glib-2.0/glibconfig.h

 as was pointed out the compile was not finding the correct
$prefix/include/glibconfig.h as that file is a symbolic link to the other 
  I looked thru Makefile (and to confirm). I see that glibconfig.h 
is installed in the lib directory by install-exec-local. I did not see a rule 
statement or line where the symbolic link gets connected.

 as a test I renamed the existing glibconfig.h in /opt/gnome/include dir
 and executed make install again. It does not appear as if the Makefile will 
touch files in /opt/gnome/include other than 
makeinstalldirs.  /opt/gnome/include/glibconfig.h did not get built.

 as I said before this also occurs with the RPM's (but of course we can't 
change those.)

  but then again, I reserve the right to be wrong  ;-)

  Kermit Tensmeyer

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