Re: Printing in GTK+

Russell Shaw <rjshaw netspace net au> writes:

> Roger Leigh wrote:

>> Your best bet is to use a spooler.  This also makes networked
>> operation totally transparent, and is far more flexible.  You can use
>> libcups, lpc or lpstat etc. to get a list of all available printers if
>> the user needs to choose one.
> It's really quite easy to generate and output postscript, which can
> then be printed to any postscript printer or non postscript printer
> via ghostscript. Look for the postscript "blue book" and "red book".
> HP PCL 5 might be an option too.

That's very true.  However, in this case the device is a low-quality
thermal line printer which prints 8x16 char cells, and so isn't really
suitable as a PostScript output device--it might not support raster
output, and it likely needs full manual control in the application
generating the output (or something like my groescp groff device for
simple troff formatting).


Roger Leigh

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